Dressing For Your First Date

So that cute boy you’ve been eyeing has finally (sigh!) asked you out! You’re super excited, but now the big question every girl faces: What should I wear??? It would be great if your closet would magically assemble the perfect outfit. But alas, this fashion decision rests squarely on your very stylish shoulders. So let’s go over some do’s and don’ts:

first date

1. Go for clean and crisp. We know you’re a busy girl, but do not pull something out of your clothes basket and see if it passes the sniff test! Make sure you’ve made enough time to clean and press the outfit you’re going to wear. Nothing says ‘ew’ more that stinky rumbled clothes.

2. Find out where you’ll be going and dress for the location. You don’t want to wear your ripped jeans to the symphony! If you’re going to a coffee shop to hang out, grab your most hipster looking duds and dress for the scene. If you’re going to a fancy restaurant, then by all means slip into your special black dress and highest heels!

3. Accentuate the positive! Do you have long toned legs? A beautiful backside? Some stunning cleavage? Pick and asset and and show it off. But don’t make the mistake of showing off all your wonderful assets. Too much skin on a first date looks desperate. Respect yourself ladies, and let him wonder what other delights you are hiding under those clothes.

4. Create a natural look with your makeup. This is not the time to try the Kim Kardashian look with makeup. Layers and contouring and extra bronzer make work for Kim, but he wants to see you, not your skills as a makeup artist. A light foundation, some blush and mascara will bring out your beauty. Toss your lip gloss in your purse so you can add a little shine to your look if you want!

5. Don’t try to make a fashion statement. Remember you are going on a date, not posing for a photograph for Vogue. Dress stylish but don’t go overboard. You want him to be watching you because you’re beautiful, not because you’re wearing the latest fashion craze (does anyone really think leather thigh high boots are comfortable?)

And remember, it’s always best to be yourself. After all, you are the one he picked to take on this date!


How to dress and celebrate your wedding anniversary?

Wedding Anniversary Ideas

There are not many people who can say they have spent four decades together, so this is a great time to celebrate the union of a couple who are the best of friends, who enjoy and relax in each other’s company.

To say thank you to the couple who have been together 40 years does not require an expensive gift, but it can be unique. Maybe you would like to make something if you have the time. Simply putting a little thought into this special event can go a long way to showing that you care about them.


In 1937 the American National Retail Jeweller Association published the first comprehensive list of symbolic gifts to mark every year of marriage up to the twentieth anniversary and every 5 years after that. This list of traditional gifts and wedding anniversary meanings remain in use today, with modern gifts being added later. For the 40th wedding anniversary the traditional and modern gift is the Ruby gemstone. Ruby is associated with love, particularly faithful, passionate commitment and closeness. Listed here are some of our 40th wedding anniversary gift ideas. If you are buying for your beloved, decide which of these gifts has meaning to you both.

Ruby Gemstone Jewellery for Him and Her

With its rich red colour, the ruby gemstone in earrings for pierced and non-pierced ears, bracelet, necklace, brooch, ring, cuff-links or tie-clip makes for a great present. Of course, you could choose any red-coloured jewellery to mark the occasion. If you want to buy new rings with rubies incorporated, personalise them with your names or a line from your wedding ceremony that you both love.

Be the center of attention

A new red dress will make any 40th wedding celebrations a day the wife is the centre of attention, just as she was on her wedding day. Match this gift with a ruby coloured scarf or tie and ruby-red cuff-links that the husband can add to an existing outfit. This will make the photographs on the day extra special. Have the best picture framed with a copy of their original wedding portrait alongside for a romantic gift to them both.

Home décor to display your devotion

If it would match the décor of your home consider red coloured glass vases, bowls, ornaments, paperweights, perfume bottles, sculptures, tableware and picture frames. Tapestries. paintings and other artwork with red included may also delight. Personalised 40th anniversary gifts are a romantic way of showing your care for your spouse, for example cushion covers with your names and the date you were married in red thread that you can cuddle up with.

Eat, Drink and be Merry!anniversary

As a treat, make up a food hamper using a wicker basket filled with red tissue paper. Add all the treats that you both enjoy and as it’s the ruby anniversary and because it’s a bit of fun, include a bottle of ruby port, a tin of ruby grapefruit segments, a carton of ruby orange juice and any other little items branded ‘ruby’ at the food store.

Watch your gift grow in your garden

If the couple are keen gardeners, you can’t go wrong with flowers. Red roses denote love, beauty, passion and respect. A bouquet of forty red roses will fill the room with colour and scent. Or you may prefer to buy a potted climbing red rose or other red potted plants for a more lasting gift. A thoughtful offer to prepare the garden for the rose so they don’t have to dig may be appreciated.

Memories of your 40 years together

A photo album of your married life through the years with a ruby-coloured cover is a lovely reminder of your lives together to date. Perhaps the last photographs could be family photos of your children and their families all dressed in ruby-coloured clothing. There are many online stores you can find presents but these wedding anniversary gifts from Eternity Rose are really unique and deserve your attention! Spend some time to browse the website – you will see it’s worth it!

A special vacation for you and your beloved

You may also decide to plan a romantic holiday that marks your 40th anniversary. Perhaps you can return to where you went for your honeymoon forty years ago. Continuing with the theme of travel, you may like to make a trip to a place with ruby or red in the name, perhaps driving the Red Centre Way in the Australian Northern Territory or stay closer to home and visit a place that has meaning for your both.

A special day with the family

Should you wish to stay at home, enjoy a special day with your family. Celebrate your 40th anniversary milestone with a red-themed part with red balloons, streamers, tableware and hats. With disposable cameras to share, you can create a unique wedding anniversary gift with a canvas of the best photograph taken on the day.


Best Men’s Wear Stores

Many people do not realize that men’s wear is such a large business. The typical American guy buys his clothes wherever he happens to stop, or where they are cheapest. Or many guys just let their ladies buy much of their wardrobe, they simply have no desire to be fashion conscious or take the time to shop. So many men hate to shop and when they do they want to get in, get what they need and get out.


The best menswear stores listed here are for all those types of men. The men who hate to shop can shop the online version of these stores. The men who want to get in and get out can find exactly what they need at the right price in one of these stores. The ladies can find amazing fashion and great quality for their men at all of these stores, either brick and mortar or through their online options.

Then there is the more rare man that has a deep sense of fashion, knows what he likes and what he wants and he takes the time to find it. He understands quality, so price is only an issue if it does not match the quality of the item. This type of man of style can also find exactly what he is looking for in these top men’s wear shops.

*Uniqlo- Multiple States and Countries

Uniqlo is Lifewear. Designed with Japanese values of quality and simplicity. Made to be basic but never boring. Style can be timeless and Uniqlo has that style. Whether you get the pleasured experience of one of their professionally designed store fronts or you shop their online store, it is an experience. Although not exclusively a men’s wear store, the quality and style as well as the experience put this at the top of the best of for men.

*Need Supply Co. 3100 West Cary Street, Richmond, VA 23221

Need Supply Co started out as a store front back in the mid-90’s selling old Levi’s. Now they are one of the hottest places in Richmond. They stock amazing brands like Gitman Brothers, Vintage and Saturdays Surf NYC. Their motto is “For the hipster in the know”. This store is for the men who know what they want, know their own style or are willing to try something new.

*Hickorees in Brooklyn

If you can’t make it to Brooklyn, you can shop their online store, they actually began as an online store. Not only will you find great style and accessories for men’s wear but they have some fun, off the wall items available as well. You can find sneakers and ties as well as pocket squares from The Hill-Side all in one place.

*Stag in Austin

For the respectful but rebellious type of man. It is called a general store for men. You can shop the brick and mortar store in Austin or their amazing online store for all the best ideas for men. From Bandanas to denim to candles and face wash. You will find what you are looking for at Stag.