Dressing For Your First Date

So that cute boy you’ve been eyeing has finally (sigh!) asked you out! You’re super excited, but now the big question every girl faces: What should I wear??? It would be great if your closet would magically assemble the perfect outfit. But alas, this fashion decision rests squarely on your very stylish shoulders. So let’s go over some do’s and don’ts:

first date

1. Go for clean and crisp. We know you’re a busy girl, but do not pull something out of your clothes basket and see if it passes the sniff test! Make sure you’ve made enough time to clean and press the outfit you’re going to wear. Nothing says ‘ew’ more that stinky rumbled clothes.

2. Find out where you’ll be going and dress for the location. You don’t want to wear your ripped jeans to the symphony! If you’re going to a coffee shop to hang out, grab your most hipster looking duds and dress for the scene. If you’re going to a fancy restaurant, then by all means slip into your special black dress and highest heels!

3. Accentuate the positive! Do you have long toned legs? A beautiful backside? Some stunning cleavage? Pick and asset and and show it off. But don’t make the mistake of showing off all your wonderful assets. Too much skin on a first date looks desperate. Respect yourself ladies, and let him wonder what other delights you are hiding under those clothes.

4. Create a natural look with your makeup. This is not the time to try the Kim Kardashian look with makeup. Layers and contouring and extra bronzer make work for Kim, but he wants to see you, not your skills as a makeup artist. A light foundation, some blush and mascara will bring out your beauty. Toss your lip gloss in your purse so you can add a little shine to your look if you want!

5. Don’t try to make a fashion statement. Remember you are going on a date, not posing for a photograph for Vogue. Dress stylish but don’t go overboard. You want him to be watching you because you’re beautiful, not because you’re wearing the latest fashion craze (does anyone really think leather thigh high boots are comfortable?)

And remember, it’s always best to be yourself. After all, you are the one he picked to take on this date!

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